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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dark Ages

The Arrival of BlackbrightdarKNIGHT….

Glance into the blackness…..

Hidden beneath the surface…….

Enjoy the suffering……….

Sanity drained in disrespect……..

Dimmu Borgir - King of the Carnival Creation

Greetings to all the followers of pelan2kayuh.blogspot.com…… as a new contributor of this blog, I am delighted to say that pelan2kayuh is one of the blog that is seriously discuss about music, and stuff realated to that kind of art, without any discrimination or bias I would say….

Essentially, my writing will be in English or Malay, (as that’s the only language that I know), yet, an posting that comes from me would be in a casual mood, rather than formal, as in my view, music is a crossover between any gaps and boundaries that’s brick together upon them..

I start my page with a quote from a very well – known metal song from a legend vibe of melodic black metal, Dimmu Borgir… As a pioneer in extreme metal, these Norwegian brotherhood had come across several enigma and yet stand strong for almost 16 years by now and had released numerous albums that consists of their interpretation of satanic, melodic and dark riffs. Formed by Shagrath, Silenoz and Tjodalv, this group has started an ep in 1994. This short EP sold out within weeks, and the band followed up with the 1994 full length album 'For all Time' in english . The initial lineup consisted of Shagrath playing drums with Tjodalv on guitar and Silenoz backing vocals, however this changed before the release of "Storm Blown" in 1996. Stormblåst received high praise from many melodic black metal fans, and is often regarded as a highlight of the band's career. It is also the last album which features all lyrics written and sung in Norwegian. Now, the current member of Dimmu Borgir is Shagrath as vox, Galder and Silenoz on guitars, Vortex the bassist and Mustis the drummer…

That a little bit about the band. Subsequently, as in my opinion, the quote is somehow or rather portrayed the critical situation of our underground scene (so called indie nowadays) a few years back. The issue about Satanism, paganism, and etc has been wrongly accused towards our scene that mostly younghearted prefer rather than bullshit stuff from radio and television. Yet, it affect the whole scene as it is viewed by certain stupidious as an era of a fallen for our teenager. Playing music is black metal, listening to certain music is considered blasphemy, and even wearing a Black Sabbath shirt is considered worshipping Satan.

Where is all these came from? As in my opinion, the backstage of all these opera is none other than the media itself. Almost every day there’s an issue about black metal, raging almost all tabloids and magazines that sell shits to their followers to read. I still remember on those days when it is almost impossible to organize a gig even though there’s no metal band in the list. This is somehow or rather I would say discrimination towards the richness of art.. Screaming is art, growling is art, screeching s art and the person who is able to do that I consider them talented because not all of us can scream, growl and screech beautifully and melodically. Music is not revolves around the good vocals like Jamal Abdillah (credit to him as the writer’s personal fav), yet, music is varied and it cares no restrictions….

‘Glance into the blackness’ ……

Perhaps this is an imagery that exclusively explains the scene where it is underground and only certain people noticed and acknowledge this source of young talents. As it told us to take a glance for a while, the blackness of the scene is actually bundled with heaps of young talents producing good music and fresh vibes independently.

That’s all for now… Mind my language… I’m waiting for any comments…..


1 comment:

alihanafiah said...

Nice post bo..baca post ni saya rasa macam tengah selak buku ROTTW..huhu..erm lagi satu la..td bro ada sebut underground scene ( so called indie). Saya rasa la.. ramai lagi tak jelas dengan maksud indie itu sendiri..harap untuk post lepas ni bro bole bg penerangan skit pasal indie sbb saya rasa ramai lagi yang xfaham btol2 lagi maksud indie itu sendiri..diorang pikir indie itu hanya utk band tertentu je..kne bg jelas 2..ehehe..neway, kongrats..well done..keep it up!!

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